Nobody likes
being traditional.

So why rely on traditional marketing techniques? RewardScan grows
your business using nothing but smart mobile technology.

RewardScan is a frontend app for merchants who want to run loyalty programs the mobile way. It allows a merchant to register transactions on a loyalty platform simply by scanning customer numbers (barcodes) from cards with the camera of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app is powered with the worlds fastest and most accurate scan engine provided by ScandIt. Be aware: You can ONLY use this app, if you are subscribed to a loyalty program of one of the agencies listed on

Easy to use

Our goal is to help local businesses stay in business by turning good customers into great customers. Using RewardScan’s technology, you can replace your hardware scanner by your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and connect with your customers anywhere, anytime.

1 App for all your loyalty programs

With only one app, you can process gift cards, buy x get 1, points and events for instant revenue plus, customer loyalty or recommendation. Contact your local agency for more information – see below…

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